so how to remove your own burial uh in in in this app i figured out it's it's a bit hidden feature but you can do it to just your one lightest be real post it's not possible to do it with your previous burial posts so basically when you post it you will you are in your my friends tab you see this is my latest be real in in the very top then i just need to tap in this somewhere in the area below where it says add a caption where it says date so i just need to tap there and then i need to access this menu where i see all the comments real modes and retakes and then i can just tap options and here i can remove my burial so that's how i can delete my own burial or i can just remove it from discovery meaning if i posted it at the public bureau i can make it available only to my friends but this option won't delete it the bottom option will delete your burial then there is a scene called memories so memories uh are activated by default it's a it's a new feature in this app like relatively new but this is your private archive and if you delete a folder from memories uh it's uh yeah it's just delete from your private archive i as i understood it it's not deleting it from the discovery feed so that's how i see it maybe you have better insight but anyways hope this guide was helpful so put a like

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