How to remove story in Telegram?

How to remove story in Telegram?

If you are wondering how to remove a story in Telegram, we have got you covered. It's actually quite simple and can be done in a few easy steps. Here's a quick guide on how to do it:

  1. Tap on your story: To begin, open Telegram and tap on your story. It doesn't matter if the story is from your chats or your profile settings. Just locate the story you want to remove and tap on it.
  2. Access your profile: Once you have tapped on your story, you will be directed to your profile. To access your profile directly, tap on the profile icon located at the bottom right corner.
  3. Remove the story: On your profile, you will see the story you have posted. To completely remove it, tap on the trash icon in the bottom right corner. A prompt will appear with a "Delete Story" button. Tap on it to remove the story.
  4. Alternative method: There is another way to remove a story from your profile without deleting it. Simply tap on the story and then tap on the three dots located in the top right corner. From the options that appear, select "Remove from Profile." This will remove the story from your profile, but it will not be deleted entirely. You can choose to post it back later if you wish.
  5. Important note: Keep in mind that if you delete a story, it cannot be restored. So exercise caution when removing your stories. Once a story is deleted, it is not possible to retrieve it.

Additionally, when you remove a story, it will also be removed from your library. This ensures that the story is completely eliminated from your Telegram account.

With these simple steps, you can easily remove stories from your Telegram account. Whether you want to delete a story entirely or just remove it temporarily, Telegram provides you with the options to manage your stories effectively.

Watch the video transcript above for a visual reference on how to remove a story in Telegram.

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