How to Remove Watermark in NewProfilePic Editor app?

so to remove watermark in new profile pic app what you need to do you can just go pro and you need to subscribe obviously an upgrade in the app try pro for free and you can have three days free trial and then you will remove ads and then you will remove watermark so either you use this episode subscription you see ads or and watermarks or you upgrade and then there is no watermarks uh no ads so yeah try that but like with this app there are a lot of rumors online that say that it's not actually that safe to use so i would be double checking maybe there is some alternative before actually using this app yes it's in the top charts everywhere on the app store but um yeah some apps actually not that safe if you read the privacy policy um yeah it and if you're providing this kind of sensitive data as your like selfie picture you want to be 100 sure that this is a safe app to use

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