did you know you can actually replace your profile picture and ngl app so when you first create an account your profile picture is just a reflection of your profile picture on instagram and a lot of people think that's it you can't change it but no you can have a separate profile picture in ngl app and then you can just update it so you can just put it here and then okay whatever just choose it and that's it and then that's your profile picture here so that's how it works you can easily change that it's easy and yeah hope that is helpful however it's not possible to take a photo it is only available to upload existing photo here and [Music] yep um so that's the idea um it's not possible to add any avatars or some 3d generated images or stuff like that you just need to upload your existing photo and there are also no checks like in some other apps where you need like you know to look in the camera blink twice or something like that so you just upload your photo

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