How to REPLY to MESSAGES in NGL: anonymous q&a app?

can you reply to messages in ngls so here is a quick guide how to do that so here as you can see i have an inbox i have my messages and basically one has like a green check mark meaning i already replied to to it and so here you can see also some other messages coming and then yeah you you can see them here and then you can just tap reply uh and then basically then uh you can uh send like a reply here it's it's a bit uh like still i i don't think it's the best uh so something like that i would do because i'm not sure about is this the best way to do it but basically you just can post a new instagram story with this message and then you can just tap this arrow in the bottom right to post your story to your close friends or stuff like that so that's basically the idea and then yep that's how it works so hope this is helpful

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