How to REPLY via THREAD IN SNAPCHAT? new feature 2022

in this video i will show you how to create a thread in snapchat this is a new feature it was just released and then yeah they call it chat replied with chats replies you can respond to individual messages in an ongoing chat to help you keep conversations on track and communicate with context to start a thread in snapchat hold down on a message in chat and tap reply so yep basically here is the chat and then i just tap and hold on the on the specific message and then i can just tap like this and then you can see that yeah i just tried before these messages just attached and highlight uh a specific message in the group chat because if you have like you know 10 people in the group chat and this like messages just blowing up it's super hard to like you know to reply in context to specific message about so that's a cool feature i think especially on the group chats so that's how you create this rat similar as you can do like you know in slack or on discord or microsoft teams or whatever hope that is helpful

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