How to REPORT FRAUD in Western Union app?

okay so here is western union app so to report fraud as this is what you can do just tap in the app menu in top right um and then tap on help and then there is fraud awareness and then just tap there and from here you can report for it um you need to be logged in and obviously need to have an account in western union i think then there's these options too like you need you can either call fraud hotline one eight zero zero four four eight one four nine two um [Music] if the transfer has not been paid then we can stop the transaction and refund your money if your transaction has been paid and you wish to let the western union about your suggestion you can file a claim with fraud department or by using online online fraud client form to file a fraud report you can also report your sources you can also read here q a if you think you are scammed you can just instantly call fraudline [Music] will western union yeah so what are the most common scams you can read all of it here but let's just open the online fraud form transaction information so you will need your tracking number mtcn date of transaction report information first last name email address line country for the information type of fraud scam all of these scams our center contacted tell us what happened and then just tap report for it so this is the options um also here in the bottom left okay this is just some feedback so that's not like an online chat anyways this is the the page where you can report it the url is like global service slash report fraud hope that was helpful please leave any helpful additional comments below this video so this way you can help thousands of people and just spread share this video so yeah so that you can help to solve problems for other people subscribe to my channel like this video check out my tag podcast                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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