How to REPOST INSTAGRAM STORIES via Instant Save app?

hey everyone so here's instagram um so let's explore how to repost instagram stories there is this app which is called instant safe free app just get it and then you need to log in here with your instagram account so you need to create an account in this app but it's free and then just go to any store you want to repost tap on it tap on three dots and copy link then i'm in insta save and you can see that the link is copied from here or okay anyways let's just try to show like this copy link and then when i just go to the app it will be here and then it's just super easy to repost like this and then you can just tap repost and then you can repost it to the story or to the feed so you can just post it to the feed and then just tap like that and then you just repost in that and in the bottom left you will see the credentials to the yeah okay you need to select the right size the credential to the original image so something like this so yes that's the idea it should work as well with instagram reels and his instagram stories like this i don't know why it didn't work the first way place maybe you need to upgrade here but no i think it should work but anyways just use this app and try to i think it should be possible                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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