hello so here is this cool app which is called instant save with help of this app you can easily repost instagram posts instagram stories instagram reels let's focus on the reels just go to instagram reels copy link and then open this app and then you will see that it's automatically um yeah there will be some ads if you want to remove ads you can just upgrade it's actually super cheap app but yeah unfortunately in a free version there are these annoying ads instant now it's like super easy to use and it's free to install and but i think you just need to log in with your instagram account to repost there there you have it so now you can just either save or repost or close so i can select to post to my feed or story so okay i'll just post to my feed always remember to mention the original author and stuff so i want to share as post or real so sharing is real here and then just tap share so yeah that's how it should work and uh you should see here that you're in your instagram account it is posting um yep so now you just reposted a real hope that that is helpful um yeah so just get this app and try it out                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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