How to request a ride in Viggo app?

so to request a ride in vigo app so to use vigo app it looks like uber basically so you just need to enable access to your location and then you need to enable where you want to go uh so you can just enable and then just search like some street and then yeah you can just continue and then you will see the pickup options you can confirm your pickup address then you will see all these options um so this this app is not kind of a cheap taxi i think it's still on the design with normal taxi prices in copenhagen so you will see here like the regular prices um and then you can just request wego and you can also schedule ride by default you have payment with apple pay if you're on iphone and then you also see your carbon impact because this app is like presenting itself as like one of the most eco-friendly taxis so a total of 347 tons of co2 has now been saved by the bigger community when you ride with bigger you save 103 grams or co2 per kilometer compared to riding with a standard diesel taxi so that's kind of a service so if you want to be focused on sustainability and eco-friendliness this is kind of like an uber taxi you can try it out i don't know if it's yet available in your country but at least it is popular around scandinavia

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