How to RESEND Friend Request in Locket Widget app?

hello everyone so here is locate widget app so if i just tap on friends tab in top left i can see that i have some friends and i have some friends uh request which i sent but there is no reply so i can resent that request or i can delete that if i already sent a request it's it is using my friend spot so i can only add five friends no more and it includes both people who are already friends and just send requests so just to be sure if something yeah maybe something didn't work you can just tap on this icon here and resend your request and probably then it will open new imessage pop-up or something like that and then you will be able to resend the request so yeah you can do it uh i think that that's a good feature the same was this clubhouse app when it's just started to be a viral you would be able to just resent that invite request so that's how you can send that request you can always just cancel and then just add someone new and start from the beginning there is no limit on how many requests friend requests you can send but you can only send like have five friends so that's the idea i hope it is helpful

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