How to restore Snap Streak in SnapChat?

so here is Snapchat and how to restore a snap streaks so this is a new feature which just become available just few days ago so what are snap streaks so basically you will see this fire icon next to your friend's name on the chat screen that means that you and your friend on the snap streak meaning that your your friend has snapped each other not chatted within 24 hours for more than three consecutive days so yeah so it means not again not chat and not sending messages but sending snaps and for three consecutive days so not just for one day for three days during 24 hours and then the number tells you how many days you have been on streak uh number eight means uh eight days for example so to keep the snap streak going you just need to continue sending snaps so yeah if you if you see this icon like a sand clock icon it means that the snap streak is about to expire uh but there is a new feature uh uh which I just added is a snap restore uh so if you want to prevent snap Series going device you will have to buy a restore and then it's like one dollar and then that snap streak not gonna expire anymore so yeah um and then Snapchat Plus uh you will be able to freeze their streaks for longer periods soon um so this feature will be available for Snapchat Plus subscribers to freeze but you will be able to restore uh just every user will be able to do it

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