How to RETAKE A BEREAL? What is a ReTake?

how to retake a burial so in this quick tutorial I'm gonna show you how to do it uh there is a difference between deleting Iberia and retaking Imperial so here you can see my burial I tap on Street dots and I see one retake it means I retook it once if I tap on options I can just delete I can delete my burial and then yeah I tap yes I'm sure then I can just delete it but that doesn't count uh that doesn't count as a retake that I just deleted my burial so to to yeah to do a retake let's just do it so for example here I have my Apple and I was like oh no that's the the buy the face expression or something and then I tap on the cross icon in the top right and then I do another photo okay I don't like this one as well so now I do this and now I tap send and now I did a few returns so if you could see I just did one folder I click on the cross icon another photo I cancel and then finally I post it after two attempts and then you can see that three tags are two retakes so yeah that's basically it uh it doesn't count retakes from my previous photo because I just I deleted it as you have seen it um yeah so that's basically how it works I don't know if there is a limit of free text which you can take or anything like it you need to have 10 friends to see a number of retakes uh yeah that's how it works

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