How to reveal who took screenshots on your BeReal posts?

how to reveal who took screenshots on your be real post so here is be real app and I'm just reading this article by it's very nice overview um so just basically uh if you have if your post was screenshotted you will be notified how you will just go to your friends page where you did your post and then you will see this number to the right in the bottom right so where it is so it's basically it's not in Discovery it's in my friend's feed so I just posted I just uploaded a post and then uh just where it says seven hour late I will see some number and if I tap on that number I can reveal uh all the users who who took a screenshot so I just need to tap on that number and then I can reveal who took a screenshot so that's kind of like a hidden feature because probably not a lot of people are getting screenshotted all the time but that's how it works also if you are doing a screenshot of some other people posts yeah that people will be notified so expect that so yeah that's the idea uh hope it is helpful um also you can see if you just go to your post you can just see the screenshot so if you just go here and tap like this you will see who uh you will see the number of screenshots and number of real mergers

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