How to reveal who voted for you in the polls in GAS app?

here is God's app so how to reveal who voted for you in gazab so just tap on inbox tap in top left and then in your inbox you see all the Flames all the people who voted for you in the polls so here you can see those um yeah so you can just tap on on that and then you will see that for example this ball is from a girl in 10th Grade for example this is just like an example tutorial I don't know like the real names or you can be like boy from like 11 is great and stuff like that um so how to reveal you just need to tap see who sent it and then you need to upgrade to the to the god mode so it costs like uh seven dollars per week uh so it's not cheap but yeah then you can just upgrade there and then uh what you will see once I will just show you um it's basically yeah so you activate it your god mode and then you just need to tap a message in your inbox to reveal the sender and then you will see something like that so you will you will reveal the first uh the first first letter in in their name and yeah so that's basically the uh the hint you can get and you can get unlimited hints while you are subscribed so you can reveal all the first letters in all these polls if you want to see the full name uh that's called basically rvo and you have two reveals per week obviously with the god mode so for seven dollars per week you can get like two full name reveals unless the person who sent the poll also used the god mode then uh you won't be able to to see that review uh so something like that and that's just basically what you can do that's how you reveal who wrote it for you in the gas app uh

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