so quick overview if you're using ethereum talking at google you can just basically enter your ems or your [Music] just token address and then basically you can see a list of transactions but of course you need first to connect your meta mask just go in here there'll be your meta mask or wallet connect something like that and then basically when you're checking all the approvals here you will see that this revoke connect the address to revoke approval so that's what you can do here and in light of the recent open seas uh happenings open c event this is what people are searching for these days they are trying to revolve kind of transactions this is just an example i'm showing you around but of course if you want to revoke some transactions you're seeing were not like um you know legit and stuff like that you can just enter your domain address here and then yeah just basically revoke access so something like that um hope it can be helpful and thank you for watching

Ezoic Access Now Levels Step by Ste...
Ezoic Access Now Levels Step by Step Guide Process After Approval
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