hello everyone so here is paul six dot info and that's the politics sacrifice uh which is creating a set of people that believe freedom of movement and assembly are protected human rights sacrifice to prove you believe and this is where you can send some and buy sample six coins uh so you can send uh this from ethereum binance smart chain polygon avalanche theorem classical ethereum optimism so you can just send directly from your wallet to this address so just buy some tokens or do not sacrifice directly from your exchange sacrifice from your own wallet so that's important i don't know exactly like about all the rewards which you can get uh all the process but let's just figure it out so here you can also just connect multimask let's see what happens you can connect your account here and then uh and then the next you can just click for the next it's like the network you would like to sacrifice on so you can just put ethereum only sacrifices from an you can send ethereum or any of the following rc20 tokens to this address didn't send any other tokens so yeah so here you can see them in an alphabetical order and then yeah so basically not only ethereum but all of these tokens can be sent then you just uh you can just sacrifice more so that's about it that's what you can do um i don't know the whole process uh you can see total usd sacrificed uh [Music] this is an estimation and only include sacrifice on the ethereum chain so you can see like 32 million if ethereum usd coin teaser uh it sacrifice there the time until the sacrifice rate increases five percent and it will uh yeah first time it will increase on 10th of january uh and then uh the idea is that you can get uh you can get a rate for 10 000 sacrifice points and some people say that this is the next 10 000 x token uh after the pulse chain my knight release sacrifice release sacrifices will be able to access their free pos x so that's that so then you will be able to to get that plsx um [Music] so there you have it that's basically how it works one ball six will be released probably in a few months it says can i see the code um so yeah that's that's the idea [Music] you can also go to and all of that hope that is helpful

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