How to save tweet or Twitter thread to Notion? SaveToNotion overview

did you know you can save any tweet twitter or twitter thread to notion so there is a text saved to notion you can save your favorite tweets and threads to your notion workspace just follow safety notion and check the pin tweet to start so here is you need what you need to do duplicate a database uh connect that database so duplicate check so you just need to go to this link twitter profile and then just click the link to duplicate the database connect the device and connect to me at save notion i will send you a link follow it to connect that wizard and in the first step uh so yeah you can see you just need to dm this account and then uh something like that it's done now you can simply save tweets and threads by matching the safety notion in reply you have to use on of these hashtags tweet or hashtags red otherwise dimension will be ignored so there you have it thread so something like that um so that's the interesting tool definitely secure the try

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