How to scan food or cosmetics with Yuka app?

here is yuka app so to scan food and cosmetics just tap scan here um and then basically you just need to go to to the code uh of the of the product i was just trying it out so i don't have some products near but it's it works in north america and then you can see uh products here and then for example i scanned this uh and then you can see all the ingredients uh you can see if they're excellent and if they're uh like if they are poor quality or low risk high risk and then you can just check out like okay overall the this ice beard cream is has a rating 37 200 so probably it's not that great and then what's really cool about this app is that it just gives you better recommendation so here like the beard cream it just gives me okay this is a better recommendation and it's green it has better ingredients and it has 18 ingredients with no risk compared to to the previous item i scanned so if you buy some sensitive items like cosmetics and especially food and you're just not sure about it you can just go in supermarket and scan the barcodes and then you will know about it like at least it you can get some hint so that's really cool app it started to get some traction just like just about this winter and then like it's going really up in charts in top 100 apps in in the us app store that's amazing technology so i just scanned like you know like few products for all of these products the quality was poor and it this app recommended me to use better products for every of them which which is pretty amazing uh like yeah so the one downside i'm not sure if this app is is actually working outside of united states so that's that and also it only scans food and beauty so yep that's that hope you enjoy it and yeah i don't need to upgrade to use this basic feature probably i will need to upgrade later

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