How to SCAN FOOD or Cosmetics with Yuka app?

hello everyone so here is yuka app uh where you can scan all the products so i will just show you how to scan it so i created an account just with my email and password and then you can scan here either food or beauty products these are two categories so you just scan a barcode i don't know if you can scan only us products or canadian ones or everything else but that's the process so you can just tap scan and i will just show you i just have here overview on the on the laptop to make it easier so here for example i just kind of barcode and this it shows me ingredients like all these benzyl alcohol phenoxy ethanol all of that and then it shows me all the risks and health risks like allergen irritant all of that and then and then there are other ingredients which you have no risks and then what it offers to me it offers me some like better recommendations in this category which have like excellent writing and so that's basically how it works i think it's super cool app then you can just add to fiverr words you can see scoring method and then you let's just scan something else eyes beard so here you can see something bad that's cosmetic products and then you can see that there are some like some other products in this category which just have higher rating so x that's actually pretty cool um so that is that is an overview so hope that is helpful that's how you scan the products with this app

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