okay so here is slack and finally you can schedule a message so just type a message and then here you can just type an arrow and then you can just schedule a message either tomorrow it will by default will tell like tomorrow uh some time next week or you can just select custom time and then yeah just select whatever you want and then you can just see like um schedule a message and your message will be sent to slackbot uh today you can also you can schedule messages to the slack board of course you can schedule messages in another in the channels so like that your message will be sent to general tomorrow at 9 00 am and then you can see all scheduled messages um and then yeah you can just reschedule them you can delete messages as well so and you can instantly schedule send them you can edit them so this super cool feature if you haven't used it just definitely try it out                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

How To Change PWM Frequency Of Ardu...
How To Change PWM Frequency Of Arduino UNO
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