How to scroll through video in Threads app?

Threads app is a popular platform for sharing photos and videos with close friends. While it offers various features to enhance the user experience, one functionality that has been questioned by many is the ability to scroll through videos. Users are often left wondering how they can navigate through a video when watching it within the Threads app. Let's explore this issue and discuss the possible solutions.

Recently, one user raised this question in a video transcript: "Guys, do you know how to scroll the video in Threads app? So I'm in Threads app, just for example, watching some video and I just want to scroll further or like, yeah, and then seems it's just not possible."

The user goes on to explain that they tried dragging their finger across the screen, but it didn't yield any results. They also mentioned the absence of controls that would allow them to fast forward or rewind the video.

The lack of a scroll feature within the Threads app is indeed an inconvenience for users who want to quickly navigate through a video. However, it's essential to note that the app's design currently limits such actions.

Here are a few possible solutions that may resolve this issue:

  1. Contact Threads App Support:
  • If you are facing difficulties scrolling through videos in Threads app, it is recommended to reach out to their support team.
  • Explain your concern and inquire whether they have plans to introduce a scroll feature in future updates.
  1. Utilize Other Media Players:
  • If your intention is to access a specific point in a video, you can try exporting the video from the Threads app and opening it with a different media player.
  • Through other media players, you will likely have more control over the playback, including the ability to scroll and seek to specific points.
  1. Provide Feedback for Future Updates:
  • Many apps rely on user feedback to improve their features and functionalities.
  • Consider providing your feedback through in-app feedback channels or by rating the app in the respective app store.
  • By expressing your desire for a scroll feature, you may influence future updates and enhancements to the Threads app.

While the current version of the Threads app doesn't offer a built-in scroll feature for videos, it's always worth exploring alternative methods and providing feedback to the developers. This will not only help you find workarounds but also contribute to the app's improvement for the benefit of all users.

In conclusion, if you find yourself unable to scroll through videos in the Threads app, try reaching out to their support team, utilizing other media players, and providing feedback for future updates. With time, we may see the introduction of the much-desired scroll functionality in Threads app, making it even more convenient for users to navigate through their shared video content.

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