hey everyone so to search filters on tiktok this is what you do you go to discover tab from the left and then just tap search so then you just tap the approximate name of the filter so for example neon shadow yeah and then if the name is pretty accurate you will see effects and there you have it and then when you try to create a video just in the bottom create a video and then yeah you will see that this filter it should be applied alternatively you can just add it to favorites and then uh when you try to create a new video it will be in your favorite section so familiar if you use this the same and you can just instantly start creating the video just by tapping on the red button on the right um also in the bottom of course you will see all the videos which are using that filter so you can see some examples uh so yeah but sometimes these filters are not showing up so you need to know the exact name of that filter so yeah but anyways that's how it works because if you just go to create a new video and you go to filters or effects here in the bottom there is no search tab for some reason which is a bit annoying so yeah i hope it works i found this trick from other youtuber so yeah it's not something new hope it helps.

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