How to see a first letter hint in Gas app?

secures gas up and yeah if you tap on inbox and then you tap a specific Flame then you can see the first letter of the person who quoted for you but you just need to see who send it tap on that button upgrade the code mod which is like seven dollars per week and then then you will see something like that the first letter in their name is this for example this is just an example or then if you want to see the full name you have two reveals of the full name per week so if you have god mode during that week for which you are buying like seven dollars per week you can reveal two full names in the Flames of people who want this for you and then you need to wait another week uh so hope it gives you an idea but of course if you just see the first ladder in their name then um and you know gender like boy or girl and you know like 10 is great you know great and gender for free and you know the first letter it can be enough but of course if it's unfortunate you have like two girls two boys two people who have a like three five people who have the first letter of their name similar then then you will probably need to use a reveal feature um hope that is helpful

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