hello everyone so how to see your bitcoin address in cash app so i'm going here through the support article and they say to you your current bitcoin wallet address in cash app you just tap on bitcoin tab in your cash app home screen and select view bitcoin address so this is how it looks like here is your cash app you go to bitcoin tab which is first from the right in the bottom right and then scroll to the bottom and then to access this you will need to verify your identity only then you will have option to enable blockchain withdrawals and opposite to external wallets so you will need to yeah to just get verified in cash up add your ssn number and all of that and only after you will be able to to see your bitcoin wallet address but it will be here after you verified your address just yet go to bitcoin tab scroll to the bottom and if you're verified you'll be able to see a bitcoin address if you just want to send bitcoin to to your friends or you actually don't even need like bitcoin address on cash app so what you can do you can just uh yeah just pay if for example if i want to send some 100 of bitcoin and then i just tap pay and then i select bitcoin and then i just send select a cash tag and send bitcoin to that person so yeah uh i don't need like to you know to withdraw bitcoin from cash up go to coin buy some finance and send bitcoin to that wallet address or something it's like super easy to send bitcoin to your friend like this as i explained hope that is helpful

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