how to see how many times someone retook a be real so first you can also check on your profile so if you tap just on the bottom where it says uh it says 20 like 24 8 hour late or lifetime so just you need to tap there so just tap there and then uh you see a retake and then I tap on that and then it just says my username retook This Be Real zero times basically it means that I started to do a burial I took a photo then I canceled I took a photo again then I canceled then it would be like two retakes so every time you take a photo and you cancel and you take another one that's like one retake uh yeah and that's like an interesting concept because this app is very like anti-instagram where you can spend like hours to create your perfect shot here you just have two minutes to do everything and you need to be as authentic as possible meaning like if you are in some of your situations weird position you are traveling your city and on sofa you are at work it's cool you just need to take that photo and just share the moment with your friends and if you're doing a lot of free takes meaning maybe you are not that that authentic and maybe you that you are not that honest with your audience um so that's why uh yeah it's important but to see other people again just tap on the uh on the date and then you will see number of retakes here zero and then here for example I can tap on 18 hour late and then I can see retake one retake you can see that this profile reduce this burial one time uh for example then I can tap here zero it takes then for example I can tap on some or not on my friends and then I don't see this option so if if the person is not my friend I'm just in Discovery feed I won't be able to see a number of retakes so that's just so you know to you can only see retakes for your friends on be real also uh to see the number of retakes for other people you need to have at least 10 friends so at the moment I have more than 10 friends and now I can see a number of retakes on burial if you have less than 10 friends your retake field will be just grayed out and it will say like hey you need to have more than 10 friends of course that's just the wife will be real to grow and to get more people invited uh yeah uh hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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