hey everyone so uh did you know that youtube released a new feature where basically if you just hover over the video you can see the most replayed sections of the video so it wasn't there before so this recent update on their website i don't know if it's available on like youtube ios app or something around it uh but yep now if you just hover over the video you will see what's the most replayed segment of the video so in this video this is some like coding tutorial you will see that this is the section where most people found their answer and this is where you should open it up and yeah just uh maybe the solution is exactly on this time and you don't need to see the whole video so before this feature you needed to you know to go through the whole video and click click click everywhere just like to see where where is the exact answer maybe you can also like you know if you search on google google can highlight this is the exact text this is the exact like time frame of the video whereas there is a response but here there is a new feature so give it a try

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