How to see new Flames in GAS app?

so here is new item in inbox in a in a Gaza app so you can see that there is like a red icon next to inbox uh tab in the top and then it says from a girl from a boy and then something like that and then you can see this and then you can see that from a girl in 10th Grade uh and then you can reply on Snapchat or you can reply on Instagram also you can hide from activity feed but that's basically how you see flame that someone voted for you and yeah also you can just share it on Snapchat so if I tap on Snapchat this is what will happen then you can just share this story on Snapchat and Snapchat pass it from gas and then yeah so something like that but still of course you don't know who sent you this uh poll so then you just need to upgrade to God mode so just tap on God mode in the bottom and then you'll probably you'll be able to upgrade

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