How to see percentage charged on iPhone lockscreen

Apple iPhone users who are keen on monitoring the battery percentage of their devices on the lock screen can do so with a simple trick. By following a few steps, iPhone owners can conveniently view the exact battery percentage without having to unlock their phones. Let's delve into the process as detailed in a recent video transcript:

To display the battery percentage on your iPhone lock screen, here is what you need to do:

  1. Tap the power button on the side of your iPhone.
  2. Ensure not to unlock your phone after tapping the power button.
  3. The battery percentage should now be visible on the lock screen.

This quick hack allows users to swiftly check their battery status without the need to unlock their devices, providing a convenient way to monitor the charge level. For individuals who prefer not to constantly display numbers on the top of the screen, this method offers a practical solution.

While accessing the battery percentage through the phone's settings is another option, this trick provides a more streamlined approach for those who prefer a minimalist display. By incorporating this easy method into your routine, you can effortlessly stay informed about your device's battery level at a glance.

In conclusion, this straightforward tip offers iPhone users a convenient way to keep track of their battery percentage without the hassle of unlocking their devices. By implementing this method, individuals can efficiently monitor their device's charge level while keeping their lock screen clutter-free.

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