How to see prompt history in Dream by Wombo app?

how to see prompt history in dream by wumbo app so uh if you go to top right there is just recently released during premium bring your subscription to dream by bomba app and then uh here um you can see prompt history um so yep that's the feature it is it's saying it's coming soon it means it will be released pretty soon i don't know maybe it's already released when you've seen this video but yeah it's just part of the dream premium package which also has exclusive discord support premium styles priority queue and then yeah for example you know you generated some image with some prompt and it was really cool but that you forgot which one you used so here and uh yeah then you don't you don't just don't remember um so maybe you generated one prompt maybe you used a more complicated like uh combination of prompts for example i just using two prompts here and then i want to create it and i like that image and but then i forgot prompt so it can be super helpful actually so yeah you will be able to see that uh your prompt history is a premium subscription it's not yet as when this video is published is not yet released but it should be pretty soon

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