How to see stock prices in Twitter feed?

so after recent update Twitter now displays stock and cryptocurrency prices directly in search results so yeah now if you search for example like Google or like like dollar sign ethereum without the quote marks it will just display like this um so it's pretty cool uh so yeah we can just go directly to that thread people on Twitter will see a clickable link that makes them to search result takes them to search results starting today is the search results will include the pricing graphs from Azure my jerk symbols um so yeah so for example if you tap here on bitcoin unfortunately there are still some bugs like maybe it's only available from Us location or something like that you can also search for symbols directly without clicking on a link within a tweet most simple reason without dollar sign will work in search and yeah so there you have it uh it kind of start to start to work but yeah like maybe it's not yet available in Europe because here you can I'm tapping on the top and latest and it's it's still not working but yeah I think it should be rolling out to to all markets and maybe they're fixing some bugs but it's pretty cool so obviously you can just Google for that for any simple and then you can see that but now you can also just do that in Twitter

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