How to see who is someone subscribed (paid feature) to on Twitter?

Twitter has recently rolled out a new feature called "subscriptions" which allows users to subscribe to other accounts for a fee. This feature is similar to Patreon, where users can pay a subscription to have exclusive access to certain content from creators. However, with Twitter subscriptions, users can now publicly see who other users are paying to subscribe to.

If you're curious about who your friends or followers are paying to subscribe to on Twitter, you can easily find out. However, there is a catch. The feature is only accessible to subscribers themselves, which means you'll have to be subscribed to someone else to view their subscriptions.

To access this feature, simply go to the account you're subscribed to and click on the "Subscriptions" tab. From there, you can see which accounts the user is subscribed to and how much they are paying for each subscription.

While this may seem like a minor addition to Twitter, it could have a significant impact on the platform's user behavior. For creators, it can provide a new source of income and incentivize them to create more exclusive content. It also allows users to support their favorite creators directly, instead of relying on ad revenue.

However, for users who may be concerned about their privacy, this feature could raise some concerns. The public visibility of subscriptions could potentially reveal personal interests or affiliations. Twitter has yet to comment on any potential privacy concerns or security measures surrounding this new feature.

In conclusion, Twitter's new subscription feature allows users to publicly see who other users are paying to subscribe to. While it can provide a new source of income for creators, it also raises concerns about privacy and security. Only time will tell how this feature will impact the platform and its users.

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