How to see who likes you in GAS app?

hey everyone so I'm just exploring guys up here I'm just trying to get on all the features and you know how to get see who likes you is one of the most popular questions so basically if you go to inbox or inside of a poll you received um yeah you you might see this button where it says see who likes you um yeah so that's basically the feature which is called God mode um it's a subscription that unlocks unlimited hints and two bonus reveals so unlimited hints means that you can see the first letter of someone who liked you or who voted for you in polls um so you know if you're getting these Flames meaning that someone voted for you in walls Flames can be pink when a girl picks you blue when a boy picks you and purple when the non-binary person picks you and then you can also in a free version you can also know in which grade they are so that's already a lot of data which you can uh you know which can help you out um uh yeah uh but to know exactly like to at least to see the first letter of someone who voted for you you can uh you need to upgrade to God mode and if someone uh voted for you twice you will see the full name of someone so you will completely reveal that so another strategy would be just to appear in as many pulse and posts as possible to do that just you know if you're suggested to appear in mobiles just do that and you will appear in mobiles and then you can use coins to put your name in your friends or your crash post so they can vote in you more so you can buy more coins in the shop and do that double coins earn double coins when voting on pause and so yeah if you just upgrade into gold mode you can reveal someone who liked you also uh when voting on pulse you earn double coins then you can spend these coins to appear in mobiles and more people will vote for you and you will reveal more of those so that's like a circle like monetization circle of this app but that's how it works uh yeah so that's basically the idea uh the gold mode is not free obviously you need to upgrade you need to pay I don't know the exact amount and also the the part is that the code mod is not yet available to everyone it is just available for a selected users hope that can be helpful if you have any other thoughts or suggestions how to you know see who might like you who send in Your Flames just leave them in the comments below

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