How to see who sent you a message in NGL app? With help of NGL id

so here is NGL app it's how to see who sent you a message so I think there is a new way to do it but you still need to upgrade to Pro so basically uh you see this you see who sent this and then you can upgrade and get hints like location device and jail ID and more so location and device won't give you that much info like it can be someone from London on Android and if you have like you know like 100 people seen your Instagram story and you have many friends in London for example or Amsterdam whatever it still won't help you a lot then you will just narrow your search to like five friends and then how to know like exactly who who sent you but there is this trick with Angel ID first I didn't understand what exactly it is but it can be super helpful because NGL ID is unique to each user and it's kind of your NGL username so you can exactly know who sent you this message but it's a bit complicated as I understand so this is just my thought process I don't guarantee it will work 100 but maybe it will give you some food for thought so how to see your own ntlady so tap on your icon and tap I need help and then here you see user ID so I guess that's that's basically your NGL user ID so that's basically your letters and numbers so uh that's basically that so yeah you can see that um yeah and that's your NG LED now if you upgrade it and then you can see this user nglid then okay let's say you narrowed your search to five friends and then I don't know what you can do you can just ask your friends to review their nglid just like you know for fun maybe you can just ask them or like you can ask them so they can also reach out and open this email and make sure that they show you this user ID and then you will be completely sure that this is exactly this person who signed to this this is like I don't know maybe it's a weird way but I don't guarantee it will work just some ideas I'd like you know I'm just exploring the apps of some sharing some experience I don't advise you'd like to steal idea or anything like that but just you know for fun you can explore the app and nglid is kind of like your username so it will be 100 real then because if you just have location and device you can't be 100 sure that exactly that person sent you this and if you really want to know uh you that's probably one of the device unfortunately if you even if you are great to enjoy Pro it doesn't reveal like full name it doesn't reveal the Instagram handle Instagram username so that they made it tricky so you pay more and use app more um so that's what it is

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