How to SELECT AUDIENCE in BeReal app when posting?

so how to select your audience in burial app so here is when when you are posting in be real i just took a screenshot like you have two minutes and then during this two minutes only in the bottom you can tap to select your audience so that's basically selecting privacy of be real at the moment there are two privacy options my friends only shared only with your friends a discovery shared with everyone on be real discovery means it's it's public everyone can access it so by default it's my friends only so it will be shared with your friends if you share it as in the discovery and it's public for everyone you can always change it back to to your friends only but yeah you can't change back from my friends only to discovery so that doesn't work also there is no privacy feature on be real so i mean like you can't only share it yourself or keep it completely private and yep and also if you want to change your privacy you can only do it for the for the latest be real so as you can see here here is a burial i can tap the time i can tap on options and this is where i can change it but i already did it uh as i shared for my friends only so there is no other option if i would share it to discovery there would be an option to to change the privacy to my friends only so that's the idea hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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