How to SELL NFTs with SPRING (former TeeSpring)?

hello everyone so i just got this email from spring formerly this spring so that's like a company which house helps to sell merch uh cubs t-shirts hoodies for craters and now they announced that they are also introducing nfts we call it mint on demand our new battle program designed to make nft successable for all creators can launch and sell nfts for free and fans don't need a crypto wallet to buy one sold and if these are minted on the eco-friendly polygon blockchain to reduce environmental impact this beta is only the beginning lookout for new file types capabilities and further enhancements so there you have it uh all spring creators will get to nfts on the rolling basis will notify via email to confirm when you can start selling so then i can just tap learn more and it's for sure this is an interesting development they just sent an email to everyone i don't think i have yet access to mint on demand uh no maintenance fees apply and then i can just tap apply now and then uh yes you need to apply below for the minimum demand better program our partnership team will give you applicants and reach out with more details if you qualify for the program so name email and then social link youtube instagram and so on so there you have it uh so yeah mental demand is a service that makes it easy for anyone to buy or sell and it is through the spring platform and if these only minted ones sold to reduce environment impact um uh your fans can resell your nfts on marketplace like openc after that you will earn seven percent royalties resale price every single time it's resolved um so there you have it what happens after your silent ft uh you will receive your new limited nft in the new crypto walls within 14 calendar days um our aim is to empower creators to enter this new exciting version of our internet easily and enable you to monetize in a brand new way if you can sell the march you can sell nfts funds buy your physical mars to support you and prove their dedicated fan and if these are exactly the same concept so yeah you can go to mint on demand dot spree dot ng um and then yep you can just try it out so super interesting concept uh and it's on polygon blockchain so it means that the like minting fees are much lower it's not ethereum blockchain i just don't know like for example if you have if you are in a spring community right now and you have some of your merch you can put it and if you are monetized on youtube you can put your merch under your youtube videos here uh i don't know maybe you can just attach nfts like sprint nfts under youtube videos and promote them that way that's kind of cool uh yeah maybe openc can create this kind of plugin or integration with youtube creators so that would be cool but anyways these are just my thoughts and thank you for checking it out apply

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