How to send 560 messages per 24 hours in Chai app?

here is chai app so did you know that you can after this recent update you can send up to 500 messages even more like 560 messages per day uh for free and it's uh yeah it's completely what you have now in the app uh you don't need to do anything the thing is you get 70 free messages per three hours and then as you can see my limit is being reset in one hour because yeah i already visited that so every three hours this time limit is being reset uh so it means it's been reset like eight times per per day per 24 hours meaning that you hate you have eight multiplied by 70 messages you have 560 messages per 24 hours for free without need to get premium so that's pretty nice deal but if you really start chatting in this app and then uh this app can get quite addictive actually you can see that 70 message is not enough for three hours because 70 messages is just the amount where you kind of start enjoying the conversation with this ai bot and then yeah you need to upgrade and that's pretty annoying and then you need to wait this three hours and like if you wait uh some of that then you will probably just gonna get to subscribe and then you can get unlimited messages and that's basically what it is at the moment so yeah with a monthly subscription you can get unlimited messages and bots you can now create your own bot uh so here i have my bot i just created as you can see some people are using it it's pretty fun uh so yep that's basically that and i can chat with my bot uh so yep that's basically it so enjoy the app uh yeah they have this recent update after which you can send 500 plus messages per day by the way they're all quite often updating the app recently they had the feature called streams then you were able to get unlimited messages if people were watching your streams then uh they're always changing the limit of the messages you can send that's always updated so just make sure to update your app and that's that

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