How to send a DM on CLUBHOUSE?

okay so here is clubhouse and they have a new dm feature which is called back channel so to access it just tap on the paper plane icon in the bottom rightand then there you have it and to send a dm just tap in top right and then you can just send a message to everyone you can search followers and chats and you can send message not just to people who follow you but basically to everyone so which is really amazing yeah so to ryan hoover or to anyone you want you can just send a message for example let's just do it here uh and then there it is and then you can just send the message you can copy you can't delete it but there you have it if i uh but this is the person who follows me if i want to send to someone else let's see then yeah the person will receive what's called like a message request so there you have it that's how it works

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