so here's look at widget app and if you go to history or like your received uh photos somewhere now you can also tap here on the message icon and then you can just reply uh you know to to your friends via text uh send it to some of your friends and then just comment or like ask something about this photo so imagine you received some photo from someone and you just want to add some comment or ask some question or just send it via text and just say thank you for this image or something like that so then you can just do it from here so you can just send it here and then you can just add some additional text uh yeah something like that and just tap send so something around that what you can do um yeah so that's how it works uh yeah so hope uh that is helpful that's how you can comment or reply via text in rocket widget also recently you can now add reactions so here you can just send a reaction here like six types of emojis i don't think you can add more than other reactions here but that's that

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