How to send app feedback for Locket Widget?

here's locate widget app in case you have some ideas or some support issues or some just feedback you can easily send feedback here just go through this menu option and then you can just send a team at from your email you can change of course the subject of your mail you will see a user id you will see your version build and then you can just write something yeah it's just easier to stand using this form because it includes your version and build and user id and all of that so it will be just easier to debug for the developer team of course you can reach out yeah it's amazing app as yeah if you go to app preview section on ice like app store you can see obviously there are a few bugs and glitches here and there people are requesting a few features like some of them want drawing features some people still can't create an account some people don't receive verification messages um some people want to be able to zoom in on camera so a bunch of these ideas so you can easily send them here and maybe development team will add them in future

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