okay so did you know that recently in zoom chats you can also record audio messages so if you go here to the chat you can just type audio message and then it automatically starts recording one two three and two three you don't even need to press any buttons or anything you can cancel or you can just tap send message and there you have it here is your message um you can delete it you can add reply comment you cannot can bookmark it there is no transcription as i understand i think in slack if you use this audio recording there is like automated transcription so you can instantly transcribe all of that so that's cool i'm not sure if you can also sound like video messages so if you go to zoom preferences yes so there is only audio message button [Music] and that's it so [Music] there you have it um so that's how it works                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

How To Change PWM Frequency Of Ardu...
How To Change PWM Frequency Of Arduino UNO
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