How to SEND ETH from Coinbase to MetaMask - FULL GUIDE

hello so to send ethereum from coinbase to mata mask first you just need to have ethereum in your assets so you need to have some ethereum here which you can buy [Music] which we can buy like just with the credit card and all of that then you can just tap send then you just enter the ethereum amount so the the cool thing about coin coinbase that you can send any amount in even like ten dollars so like i think like five dollars uh because for example in finance there is a minimum withdrawal amount and at the moment it is around like 150 dollars so if you want to send like 10 dollars worth of ethereum it's not possible to do on binance you need to send at least like plus 100 plus then you can just tap continue um then uh like yeah okay so let's just tap continue then you need to enter your uh ethereum address which you can get from metamask so for example this is my address and then i can just pass it here then i just preview send uh okay so there is a minimum amounts uh 0.001 ethereum and then you'll be able to send it but anyways this is still much smaller than binance and then you can just see the confirmation page tap submit then you will receive an text message to your phone number associated with your coinbase account just enter that verification number uh if you have enough funds it will be sent but note if you want to send like 15 dollars of ethereum there will be some fees of the amount the all amount can be like 17 and like uh just so it will be a bit a big beer so that's how you can do it here you can also just enter your qr like scan your address enter iana's domain or just send to to your friends on coinbase

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