How to SEND NFT ART via NoteIt widget?

so here is noted widget app and after many updates it's become really uh having a lot of features um and now you can also send nfd art with this app so not only notes not only pictures and draws but also uh nft arts so uh let me show you so you just tap plus and then you can create nft art so create some nft art and then then just send um and then you can send it to like your partner in this case i'm just demoing to myself i'm just creating just my account so and if the art is basically this pixelated uh drawing so it's not minted anywhere on openc or you don't need like it's not an ethereum blockchain or polygon and it's not sand to uh you know like you know don't need to log in with metamask so it's not really like a blockchain so it's just an expression and if the art is kind of sounds trendy but it's not real nft so i guess you know of course you can you can download it and then you can mean real nft of it so but yeah there you have it interesting new feature now you can also send drawing like cameras pictures you can upload photos you can send videos and there are additional drawing tools so here you have it so yep something around that

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