okay so there is a new feature in clubhouse called back channel which are basically messaging infrastructure so uh how to send or receive questions from audience so if you are a speaker you can now take questions from people via text and use that to decide who to call up from the audience so if you're hosting some event and you're just deciding who to take on stage who do you want to speak with you or co-host the room or event yeah you can just receive questions and if you're listening you can submit questions so to do that here is just this paper plan icon in the bottom right and people who are in the room can just tap it while listening to room and then just go to hear a new message and then just send a message to someone who is hosting this room you can just search for that person here in the search so you can just search for that and then send the message or the question so that's how that would work um if you're a listener if you are an a speaker if you are hosting the room you will see new messages in message requests tab in the bottom right here and then you can just see that and answer the questions and all of that

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