How to SEND SENSES in OBIMY app?

so to send census in a bimi app first you need to add friends so you need to share invite link sync contacts or just share my link invite friends and after that you can send census so here you have your friend and then you can just tap on the account and then you just need to tap on friend to send sends here you have different types of senses warm playful passion so all these different senses send different types of vibrations to your phone so something like that and then you also will receive a notification here on my phone i'm just showing you how it works so for example i see you send hack and then my phone starts vibrating in a way in all the different ways and it's super cool actually super interesting idea and then of course you can send like yeah if you want to send additional senses you need to upgrade for 1.99 and that's so is it monthly or is it oh it's one-time payment so it's a it's actually uh but that's only playful passion okay so there's only one pack but there you have it so yeah that's the idea but you can and then you see all these notifications also arriving so yeah that's the idea uh uh hope it clarifies things you can also tap and hold here and then you can share your mood the front and then friend should receive that notification as well it's not arriving but anyways but yeah the idea of the app they call themselves sensinger so it's communicating not via text messages but we are senses via little vibrations and you know just your phone starts to vibrate in different manner and even without words you understand uh yeah the what your friend is telling so that's super interesting idea

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