so after recent update it's now possible to add text notes in locate widget app i didn't know it but yeah it seems it's actually possible but it's not that you can type the text on whole image it's just a small note so just do this take a photo and then you can tap add message like this and then you will be able to add a message and then you can just send it and then you just send this message and there you have it so that's it i don't know actually the limit so let's just try so yeah that's basically the limit so you can see how many characters you can actually type here so it's not that long so if you want to include some longer messages you probably need to use live in or you need to use noted widget um so yeah something around it but yeah that's basically how you add the text node in in it widget make sure to update to the latest version also what i'm doing is um i'm using locket widget in the test flight so basically when you go to your settings you can tap try new features early and from here you can sign up to use test flight meaning you can uh access new features early and uh yeah so that's how i use it maybe this feature with the text messages is only available in this test flight just in case

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