how to send to one person unlocked app uh let's go through this tutorial here is wire locket widget app so there you have it uh in top left uh you just have the list of your friends maximum you can add 10 friends and after recent update is completely possible to send just a specific person specific image so here's for example i just want to send this image and then i can just swipe up swipe down and select specific person or multiple person and then i just need to tap on that if you select one person it will just say send to one friend so that's and then you can just tap send to one friend and that's basically how you send uh this image just to one friend uh so yeah and then you can see just send so there you have it of course you can just select multiple people and then you will be able to send to five friends or like send to three friends so you can specific image to like through your friends one another image to your family and all of that kind of yeah so you can send different pictures to different groups of people or different individuals

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