How to SEND VIDEOS in NoteIt widget app?

here is noted drawing widget this app went viral uh in like a few months ago you can add these widgets to your phone then you can send pictures videos notes originally this app was just about sending notes now they also added the ability to send in images such as locate widget and videos so let me just show you so for example this was my note you can just draw and then um yeah uh now what you can do you can just tap plus you can tap camera and then you can send so now you can just send this video uh and there you have it that's it now video is sent and now this video will be uh displayed in the noted widget on ios so you just need to go here tap on hold then there is like a noted you just need to add it add widget and then uh yeah basically now your video will be displayed here which is pretty cool right so yeah [Music] that's how you send video vr noted widget i don't think it is possible to send it to your locket widget or like other these widget apps so this makes this feature magazines are pretty cool

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