How to send Voice messages in X/Twitter app?

In a recent video transcript, the steps to send voice messages in the X/Twitter app were revealed. Sending voice messages adds an interactive and personal touch to your conversations on the platform. If you're curious about how to utilize this feature, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open the X/Twitter app: Make sure you have the latest version of the X/Twitter app installed on your device. Open the app to get started.
  2. Locate the recipient: Choose the person or group you wish to send the voice message to. You can do this by navigating to the chat or conversation where you want to send the message.
  3. Begin recording: Tap the microphone icon to start recording your voice message. The app provides two options to initiate the recording process. You can either tap once to start recording and tap again to stop, allowing you to review your message before sending. Alternatively, you can tap and hold to record continuously until you let go.
  4. Sending your message: After you are satisfied with your voice message, tap the send button to share it. If you opt for the tap and hold method, the message will automatically send once you release your finger.
  5. Add a reaction: Just like with text-based messages, you have the option to add reactions to your voice messages. Show your appreciation, agreement, or any other emotions by using the reaction feature available in the X/Twitter app.

It's worth mentioning that you will need to update the X/Twitter app to the latest version in order to access this voice message feature. Regularly updating your apps ensures you have access to the latest improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

Adding voice messages to your conversations can enhance your communication experience on X/Twitter, allowing for more expressive and engaging interactions. Make sure to give this feature a try and explore the possibilities it offers.

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