How to SET A PREMIERE via YouTube Studio Mobile app?

hello everyone so let's explore this topic here is gus mass app and what to do if you want to conduct support so just go to profile tab um and then yeah if you go to faku section there is write an answer to um how to contact cows mass so you can try to find your answers in our faq if you still cannot find what you're looking for feel free to email us at support so there you have it that's how you conduct support alternatively you can go to feedback and here you can just contact via telegram instagram tick tock facebook whatsapp ready discord so you can try to join all these services and then you can also submit your feedback so if there is some problem description describe your problem from four to two hundred words you can select related question you can if you want to upload picture and then conduct information just leave your email underneath so that's about it that's what i would do if i wanted to contact cause my support                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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